Convenient Storage In The Ford Flex

All of the convenient features that you need in a vehicle can be found in the Ford Flex. From the cargo space for your passengers and the items that you need to haul in Front Royal, VA to the comfort features that make riding in the SUV feel like a luxury, you'll discover that the Flex is an addition to your driveway that you want to make.

The center console in the front of the vehicle and the storage pockets located along the sides of the center seats are convenient for maps and other items that you want to keep in the SUV. Plenty of storage is available in the third row along with armrests, a feature that you usually won't find in most SUVs.

When you begin looking around the interior of the vehicle, you'll see that there are 10 cupholders. There are also compartments in the back of the vehicle for supplies that you might need on the road. Temperature controls are also located in the back of the Ford Flex. Shenandoah Ford can show you how to adjust the temperature control for the comfort of your passengers.

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